5 Reasons Why Professional Floor Fitting is Best

Many customers have come to us asking what the difference is between a professional fitting a floor versus doing it yourself. So, we thought we would summarise why professional fittings can save you time and money!
  1. Professional Finish

DIY can always take a quick turn for the worst, but with a professional service, you will know from start to finish what you are getting, and that you are in good hands. Especially around the trickier parts of your flooring including cutting around pipes or your skirting. DIY can become messy, and you don’t always end up with a result you are happy with.
  1. Moving Furniture

A professional flooring company will have the ability to move objects and furniture around. This is something that is difficult to do with just one or two people attempting DIY themselves. Needless to say, heavy furniture can also cause bodily harm if not moved properly.
  1. Tidiness

With a professional team, you will receive personalised service and care when your floor is installed. They will work with cleanliness and tidy work habits in mind. Having a professional person come can save you time by doing the job right the first time around! With the cleanup process, you might also have to spend more money correcting any problems or mistakes you made yourself.
  1. Time

A professional will be able to offer expert opinions based on many years of industry experience. They will have answers to questions you haven’t even thought to ask. They will be able to do what you cannot learn on YouTube. With more experience, they will make fewer mistakes and know how to fix any potential problem. With DIY you will have to learn the process of floor fitting, trying out products that might not come with a guarantee, and then the art of actually laying the floor. This not only takes time and money because you will have to purchase the tools or products yourself.
  1. Preparation

A professional will always prep for the job correctly! They will also have a look at where your flooring is going and will take notes to make sure they have the tools they need first before starting the job. A proper fitter will know how to overlay on top of an old floor. They will also be able to screed the floor to ensure it is level, and make sure all of supply and design are fitted professionally and to the highest standard. At a professional company, they should also have a personalized matching service that will fit your unique lifestyle and taste.
Products like Karndeen or Quickstep, wherever bought offer the same quality, however, with smaller local suppliers understanding your lifestyle needs, they will be able to recommend the right product for the job. This ensures you are not wasting your budget or going overboard.
Working with a smaller, often local, flooring company means more professional service all around, something YouTube tutorials can’t guarantee.
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