Laminates Explained – Flooring by Quick-Step

It’s no surprise laminate flooring is such a popular solution among busy professionals who need to juggle long working days and home maintenance. The stylish range available makes it a more manageable alternative to real wood flooring, and the added melamine layer can enhance durability!


Unlike wood flooring, laminate flooring is easy to maintain. With more and more realistic styles, such as the water-repellent laminate flooring range from Quick-Step, it’s easy to see why more and more households are opting for laminate solutions. If you’re in the process of choosing your next flooring style, take a look for more about how melamine layering can affect your choices.


What is melamine layering?

Melamine is a type of laminate flooring. It is a hard resin that is typically used as an overlay to form the laminate. In essence, the organic compound is combined with formaldehyde to create a durable plastic, which becomes a low-density laminate. The melamine layering is not only an inexpensive way to cover cost-effective materials, but it also adds durability and solidity to the final product. In other words, homeowners can find affordable and stylish laminate flooring, which uses a low-pressure melamine process. Additionally, the process makes the laminate waterproof, scratch-resistant, and shatter-proof despite its lightweight.


Which laminate flooring styles are available by Quick-Step?

Quick-step has over 100 different laminate flooring options. Waterproof laminates contain protective melamine layering, keeping your floor completely safe from water stains and wet patches. For households looking for a dramatic effect, the black Burned Planks laminate is a stylish addition to a study, adding depth to an otherwise small room. By contrast, the White Planks laminate is the ideal addition to a rustic kitchen and can add a sensation of space and brightness in even the most confined areas. With a vast range of choices, from natural-looking oak to slate styles available from Quick-Step, the only thing homeowners need to worry about is how to make a decision!


How to order your laminate flooring

Your best bet is to talk to someone who understands your vision and any stylistic challenges. When choosing the most suitable laminate flooring for your rooms please, get in touch with our team at Diverse Flooring. Because we work extensively with the Quick-Step products — among other collections, we have helped many customers choose and install their laminates properly. Therefore, we have a good idea of what style works best for traditional, modern, minimalist, or even Mediterranean decor. Feel free to get in touch with us by phone, 01525 211 959, during our opening hours Monday to Saturday, or visit our showroom in Hockliffe.


Why choose laminate flooring

In short, laminate flooring presents a durable and cost-effective solution to wood flooring, which is more vulnerable to scratches and water damage. The melamine layering process provides a protective coating for your laminate, which makes it suitable for any room in your home. Additionally, with a variety of styles, ranging from classic oak to dramatically burned planks or industrial slate looks, it’s fair to say that households don’t need to compromise anymore between decor and maintenance. You can easily order your Quick-Step laminate flooring from our showroom. We, at Diverse Flooring, are more than happy to help you choose a laminate to enhance your interior.


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