Smaller is better – a look at independent companies versus a bigger chain store

Working with a smaller, often local, flooring company means better service all around. As a smaller and independent company, they will have the time to stop and listen to your unique needs rather than putting you into a “one size fits all” box like a larger chain business would.


Why is there better customer service with an independent company?

A smaller flooring company has ample ability to take the proper time to get to know their customers and gain an honest reputation. And no company can run for long if trust isn’t established first and foremost with their customers. A smaller flooring company can facilitate trust quicker than a larger corporation can because they build relationships more intentionally. As this is the case, a smaller company will also have a better knowledge of their customer database because they can build a connection with purpose and provide support that is focused on fantastic customer service. They will take the time and care to build genuine rapport, rather than someone being “just another customer”. This will leave them with many satisfied customers who will return time and time again.

With a smaller, modest flooring company, you will have fewer hoops to jump through should you need bespoke requests completed or something changed out. From inception to completion, a smaller company will offer a range of services to fulfil your specific requirements. From surveying to fitting, uplift and disposal and room clearance, they will be able to do it all, with excellence at the forefront. Unlike a bigger chain store, a smaller flooring company will have services that are reasonably priced and backed up with professional fitters and great customer service from start to finish. They will supply and fit professionally and with the highest standard possible, all while building relationships with a focus of garnering repeat customers and treating their loyal customers with respect and honour in mind.

Why should you choose a local independent flooring company?

A smaller company will allow for more flexibility when working and will often even encourage it. The cost of adapting to market or customer demand is lower for them than a larger company. An independent company can also afford the luxury of placing common sense at the start of the business transaction, rather than having to use any standard operating procedures that cannot be changed no matter what. With a smaller company, they will know their employees well and because of this, they can create a more harmonious work synergy.


Employees for a smaller company will also have more experience designing and fitting flooring as they will likely have been with the company longer and will have more hands-on experience than a larger corporation. They will also be more personalised and careful when laying the flooring down and can often be tidier and cleaner when they work. With a heads up, they will have the ability to move objects and furniture around to start the tiling process, something that is difficult to find with a big box store who have quotas to fulfil.


Why is smaller better?

Shopping locally with smaller flooring companies will help boost your local economy. Research shows that for every £1 spend in a smaller owned business, 63p stays in the local economy, in contrast to the 40p with a larger run organization. Often, smaller flooring companies can stock their inventory based on their local customer’s needs and repeat buys, rather than industry trends. They will also have a more personalized “matching” service that will fit your unique lifestyle and taste. They can also order with quality products in mind, rather than the stock larger companies have because it might be more profitable to them. Most of their luxury flooring tiles have a 25-year guarantee attached to them, also. And if you don’t see what you like in their showroom, they will be happier to accommodate and order flooring for you directly.


At a small independent store, they will be able to offer a discount on their products, versus their competitors who might have sales agents that have to stick to company policy no matter how much empathy they might have for you and your situation.


Often smaller flooring companies are run by families or will have started from a family-owned operation. That feeling will always have a place in the way they deal with matters at hand, and their customers will walk away feeling valued and appreciated from the amount of care they are attended with. As you are dealing with a person and not an automated customer service department, they are able to adapt to your needs and listen to your cares and concerns with their expert solutions. They will be able to meet with you on a more regular basis, and can come out to your home quicker, should something happen, rather than just letting you deal with a person on a computer screen or over the phone.


Shop small, local, independent stores for an authentic interaction that meets your bespoke needs, every time.


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