Laminate flooring looks similar to wood flooring but is made from a type of fibre board. Topped with a layer of wood and a durable protective layer that includes scratch guard and HydroSeal waterproofing, this makes for a solution that’s suitable anywhere in the home.

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Our laminate flooring by Quick-Step offers unparalleled quality and choice, with inspiring floors to suit all trends, tastes and budgets!

We offer an extensive range of Quick-Step laminate flooring, including the obvious wood effects such as oak, walnut and beech, alongside less obvious choices such as white and black effect. Additionally, we offer a variety of tile effect laminate flooring which provides a convincing but warmer alternative for kitchens and bathrooms.

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Q: What is laminate flooring?
A: Laminate floor is a layered floor built around a watertight, glued High Density Fibre (HDF) board.
All of our Quick-Step laminate floors consist of four different layers:
1. A transparent, wear-resistant overlay
2. A design layer
3. A moisture resistant glued HDF core board
4. A balancing layer

Q: Can I use Quick-Step laminate in my kitchen?
A: Yes, you can. Our Quick-Step Laminate floors have a scratch and wear resistant scratch-guard surface layer, making them a perfect choice for your kitchen or hallway!

Because of Quick-Step’s highly moisture resistant HDF core board, any accidents such as a glass of water falling, is never a problem. It is highly recommended to remove any standing moisture though, from the area as soon as is possible to avoid any future damage that could occur with any longstanding water.

Laminate flooring in the kitchen area will have to be cleaned more often. A dry-cleaning cloth or the Quick-Step microfiber tissues is fine for this, as laminates should never have a full wash. The sealed surface structure prevents any dust or dirt from sticking to the ground. Occasionally the floor can be cleaned with a damp or slightly moist Quick-Step microfiber mop using a diluted cleaning solution. Floors with any sort of a bevelled edge should always be vacuumed up first.

Q: Can I use laminate in my bathroom?
A: Quick-Step is now suitable for more damp rooms such as the bathrooms, with their 'Hyrdroseal' technology.

Hydroseal is a water-repellent coating that prevents water or any moisture from entering the floor’s ridges or grooves.  This makes the Quick-Step flooring now perfectly suitable for wet environments.

Q: Which underlay do I need when using Quick-Step laminate in combination with underfloor heating?
A: When you have underfloor heating, using the correct underlay is important. We always recommend the underfloor Quick-Step ‘Silent Walk’. This particular underlay keeps the heat resistance within the allowed tolerance levels, so it is safe. Using the correct underfloor can stop condensation from rising and will also minimise the risk of open joints during the heating process.

Q: Can Quick-Step Laminate be installed on top of an existing floor?
A: Yes, this is possible! The installation method used will depend on which floor you want to install your laminate on top of. Please refer back to one of our trained professionals for their expert opinion.

Q: Can Quick-Step Laminate be installed on a damp and porous floor covering?
A: Yes! First you will need remove any damp-porous floor covering (such as carpet or needle felt, etc.) before installing the Quick-Step Laminate flooring.

Q: Can Quick-Step Laminate be installed on a damp-sealer floor covering?
A: Damp-sealed floor covering such a PV, linoleum, or VCT, doesn't need to be removed but a Quick-Step levelling underlay should be installed first to ensure it is secure and safe.

Q: Can Quick-Step Laminate be installed on a wooden subfloor?
A: When you have a wooden subflooring, you have to remove every existing floor covering first to ensure the your Quick-Step flooring can be installed properly. When you have an uneven timber floor, you must install the Quick-Step Thermolevel underlay first. There should also be sufficient ventilation in the crawl space underneath your existing timber floor. The moisture content of the wood should not exceed 10%. Please speak to one of our professionals if you have any wood or timber subflooring.

No signs of mould should be present
NO sign of any insect infestations should be present
Make sure the subfloor is completely level first before installation
Nail down any loose parts in your subflooring

Q: How do I avoid humidity problems?
A: It's always better to prevent humidity and moisture problems than to have to fix them after the fact. We use the best products, including the Quick-Step Hydroseal.

A few tips
Never wash your Quick-Step Laminate floor. Avoid standing water and other liquids on the flooring surface at all times if possible.
Get the Quick-Step maintenance kit to easily clean the floor in a dry way or with minimum quantities of water.
Use a vacuum cleaner to remove loose dust or sand.

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Q: How long should I wait before I can lay Quick-Step Laminate on a fresh concrete floor or screed?
A: Concrete floors or screed needs sufficient time to dry before you can start the installation process of our Quick-Step Laminate floor on top. Quick-Step states that “as a rule of the thumb, you should wait one week per cm of screed (thickness) up to 4 cm. Wait twice as long for every additional cm (thickness) up to 6 cm and wait 4 weeks for every additional cm beyond 6 cm.”

Moisture rises from the bottom to the surface of the floor. For any newly laid concrete floors, you should always lay a plastic foil down on the concrete floor before installing the Quick-Step laminate panels. All of our Quick-Step underlays have a built-in plastic foil to help with this. We also always recommend using Quick-Step underlays to avoid problems later on.

Q: Do I really need expansion joints between every room?
A: Quick-Step Laminate floors expand and contract in function of changing humidity conditions in the room. The HDF core board is isotropic, which means is has the same value when measured in all different directions. This means it is very important to have expansion joints of 8 to 10 mm along all of your walls and around any radiator pipes, etc.

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Q: What is the maximum floor length I can install without expansion joint?
A: The maximum floor length you can install without expansion joint mainly depends on two things:
- The shape of the room in which the floor being laid
- The climate conditions in that particular room

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Q: I'm susceptible to allergies. Is Quick-Step Laminate a good choice?
A: Absolutely! Thanks to the closed surface structure that Quick-Step has, there is no accumulation of dust or dirt on the flooring. Dust mites and other allergy-causing organisms cannot survive on a clean laminate floor, so cleaning regularly is advised. This helps to protect your home from any allergens and assists with anyone suffering from asthma or dust allergies.

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Having had Diverse Flooring once to work in my home I was that impressed I asked them back. The standard of work is excellent, they are prompt very pleasant and work in a very tidy manor.

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Mrs J Thompson

Darren fitted the floor in my bedroom and did a great job! Punctual, polite and very efficient. I Would definitely recommend!

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Thank you for my new flooring, I’m so pleased!

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Friendly and very professional. I received an all round top service.

Highly recommend!

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I received proffesionsal, expert advice, to the highest standard.

There is also a very good variety of flooring.

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We are delighted with the carpet - Darren and the team did a great job, they were very professional and it looks fabulous.

A definite A*!

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Great workmanship, great customer service and a fantastic end product

Can’t stress how highly I recommend this company. Thank you so much for all your hard work.

Mark Trew

5 Star!

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Very impressed with the fitters at Diverse Flooring, they knew we only had a small amount of time to get our new carpet fitted and they worked extremely hard to get everything done extremely quickly and it looks great.

Would definitely recommend.

Paul Williams

Diverse Flooring fitted all of the floors in our new build house and we are delighted with the results!

They provided help and advice in choosing the floors we wanted, did a great job of fitting of the carpet and other flooring, and the quality of the end result is absolutely top notch - our floors look amazing.

Would highly recommend them to anyone.

Chloe Briggs

Darren rescued us today, somehow finding the time to lay stair carpet and vinyl when our fitter let us down.

Great service, totally professional and good price, in my opinion.

Thank you so much -really nice guy too.

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Brilliant service from beginning to end.

Whole house carpeted - so pleased with the finish achieved. Would recommend to anyone.

Helen Mead

Top service, top guy.
I will be recommending Diverse Flooring to everyone I know.

Andy Yates

Darren of Diverse Flooring just cant fault anything.

He's very professional from start to finish. We just love our Karndean floor, it looks stunning. 

Highly recommended. Thank you

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Couldn't recommend Diverse Flooring enough.

A really nice team and their help in pointing us in the right direction was invaluable.

Ryan McNamara

A really professional job. Outstanding customer service. Meticulous attention to detail. The result is transformative. 
Would use again.


Darren from Diverse Flooring laid two areas of Karndean flooring for us.

Not only was his quote less than another company, but also he carried out the work with great accuracy, to a very high standard, and with friendly professionalism.

Very highly recommended.

Alastair Carron

When using tradesmen, I very often feel I could have done a better job myself, not with Darren!

He was brilliant, highly skilled and proficient and really does know his trade. 
Clean, considerate and a fabulous job! What more can you ask for?

You were a true answer to prayer and a real blessing. Thank you Darren.

Bob McDade

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